Hello! My name is Jill Burcham, and I am a student at The University of Oklahoma. I am currently pursuing a Master of Social Work through the Zarrow School of Social Work on the Norman campus. I have felt called to work with vulnerable populations and have spent time working with children in a school setting and adults with developmental disabilities in a day program and support employment program.

I am currently interning under the school counselor at Kennedy Elementary in Norman. Every day is an adventure, and I love working with at-risk children. It is a challenge, but it has been rewarding. I hope to expand my experience with my second practicum placement and work in a hospice setting. I want to get as much out of my school experience that I can.

I have a husband who is a classical singer and voice professor, a son who is a 4th grader and on the Autism Spectrum, three dogs, and an old cat. It is a perpetual zoo at my house.

When I’m not studying for my classes, I am either taking a nap or working on an opera role. I have a Master of Music in voice from the University of Wisconsin and a Bachelor of Music in voice from the University of Arkansas.

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