It’s summer!

Hey there!!

So, I decided to do some blogging over the summer to keep my chops up. I’m really, REALLY crappy at routine. I mean, I can routinely eat chocolate…or drink beer…or take naps. I’m all on board for those kinds of routines. Somebody’s gotta do it,  right? But when it comes to something that involves a little more discipline or effort, I fall off the wagon fairly quickly. Yet, here I am, May 26, blogging away for fun.

My son just finished 4th grade yesterday. This is quite a feat. He was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was four, and my husband was certain he would not amount to much. We would love him the best we could and let him live with us forever. Dude…I’m not cool with the second part of that. So, I became the pusher that I am and here we are, staring 5th grade (and the end of elementary school) in the face.

My husband is out of town until June 6, and everything has been going smoothly until today. The kiddo has been in school, and I’ve been able to do the things I need to do: Uber for a little cash, clean, nap, etc. But that’s over until August. Suddenly EVERYTHING is irritating the crap outta me! What IS that he’s watching on his tablet? Some hopped-up, ska band version of the Tetris theme song?? And as soothing as the music is, does Minecraft REALLY need to be turned up that loud? The dogs are howling.

We did have a little fun today. He has a Flat Stanley he made that we took to the Devon Energy Center. We ate in the cafeteria there (don’t get the nachos…my belly still hurts), and then we walked over to Myriad Gardens to enjoy the sun. I just need my husband to get home so I can tap out and go to Colorado for a few days. Momma needs her me-time.

Well, that’s it! The first summer blog. I hope I can keep up with this stuff. Peace, love, and ice cream.


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